Taylor Lambert

notable work

Edmonton has 2nd-most police-involved deaths among municipal
forces in Canada, database shows

      CBC Edmonton, 2 May 2023

Despite soaring death rate from opioids, Alberta steers
away from harm-reduction approach

      CBC Edmonton, 18 Feb 2023

Frostbite amputations hit 10-year high in Edmonton last
winter, new data show

      CBC Edmonton, 11 Jan 2023

DNA-assisted mug shots in law enforcement are based on dubious science.
So why would Edmonton police use them?

      CBC Edmonton, 7 Oct 2022

‘I’m a bad boy’: The Stephen Carter story
      The Sprawl, 20 Jul 2022

The Other Jason: Nixon’s Rocky Ascent to Power
      The Sprawl, 26 Mar 2022

This is ‘Kenneyism’
      The Tyee, 17 Jan 2022

Meet Calgary’s new mayor: Who is Jyoti Gondek?
      The Sprawl, 9 Oct 2021

Understanding vaccine hesitancy in Alberta
      The Sprawl, 8 May 2021

Why is No One Talking About Steven Galloway?
      Canadaland, 16 Apr 2021

The Young Zealot: Jason Kenney in San Francisco
      Part 1      Part 2
      The Sprawl, 21 Mar 2019

more work

Connect Care was supposed to revolutionize Alberta Health Services.
Then came the pandemic.

      CBC Edmonton, 30 Oct 2022

‘We see you’: On patrol with Bear Clan
      The Sprawl, 9 Aug 2022

Old-growth logging in endangered Alberta caribou habitat ‘flies in the face of common sense,’ critics say
      The Narwhal, 24 Sept 2021

O’Toole Embraced Kenney’s ‘Resistance’ Child-Care Politics. Why?
      The Tyee, 13 Sept 2021

Who’s trying to sway your vote in Calgary’s municipal election?
      The Sprawl, 28 Aug 2021

What the feds’ child care program would mean for Alberta
      The Sprawl, 3 Aug 2021

How Alberta threw away $1.5 billion on Keystone XL
      The Sprawl, 17 July 2021

A heatwave during flood season? They're connected
      The Sprawl, 3 July 2021

Alberta's forgotten history of activism
      The Sprawl, 30 June 2021

The importance of Calgary's urban forest
      Avenue Magazine, June 2021

The human cost of climate change
      The Sprawl, 1 May 2021

The Recent Trials of Tyler Shandro
      The Sprawl, 15 Apr 2021

What Alberta got right — and wrong — on COVID-19
      The Sprawl, 13 Mar 2021

Saving The Eastern Slopes: Lougheed’s Other Policy
      The Sprawl, 20 Feb 2021

Did The Alberta NDP Do Enough With Its Power?
      The Sprawl, 8 Feb 2021

The myth of Kenney's strategic genius
      The Sprawl, 15 Jan 2021

What if Alberta actually planned for its future?
      The Sprawl, 28 Nov 2020

Why is Alberta clinging to its failed COVID-19 app?
      The Sprawl, 20 Nov 2020

Taking on climate change in Alberta: Part 1
      The Sprawl, 14 Nov 2020

How does one stop a government?
      The Sprawl, 24 Oct 2020

The case against carsharing
      CBC Calgary, 3 Oct 2020